Success Stories

Golden Mustang  Image

Update on Golden Mustang (aka Dublin's Finest)

Golden Mustang (Dublin) went to his FIRST show this weekend - The Dressage Bronze show at Bluestar.

"He was an absolute angel, and tried his little heart out. We came 6th out of 9 in our first class with a 59% and we came 2nd out of 11 in our second class with a 66%!! We were Reserve Champions of the division! I was so incredibly pleased with him. The wonderful announcer at the show also gave us an amazing introduction 'In the ring is Dublin's Finest owned by L... Read More

Mega Heart  Image

Mega heart off to the prom with his new owner Britney!!

Blue Heron (Weldon)  Image

"Hi Stacie and everyone at Adena! I just wanted to give you an update on Blue Heron (Weldon) since it has been a while! He and I haven't done many competitions this year as I am in chiropractic college and don't have much time to compete, but the few shows we have done have been exceptional! He is extremely honest and as you can see, still very scopey! I am planning on doing some of 1.10ms this winter around the GTA and if all goes well,
compete training level in eventing next fall. I can't thank you enough for... Read More

Flying Giacomo Update  Image

Giacomo is improving daily, he can walk, trot, canter and do small jumps now, the past four months of owning giac have been some of the most challenging and fun days of my life. He is very eager to learn and enjoys pleasing me! We just wanted to give you an update!


Direct Bullet  Image

The following is an email received from a happy owner of an Adena Springs retiree!

Good morning,

I was on a forum earlier this morning and found the link to your Thoroughbred retirement site. It's a wonderful idea and I wish you much success!

I am contacting you because I thought you might want to know about an Adena bred Thoroughbred that I own. His name is Direct Bullet and he is by Red Bullet. He has been with me for a little over 5 years and has been enjoying his retirement here in NC.

His... Read More