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Adena springs tries to match up every new owner with the right horse depending on what you want your horse's new job to be from Pleasure trail riding to showing. It’s got to be a suitable real match.

The horses are retired for different reasons. Some are retired because they are older and have raced enough. Some are retired because they have minor soundness issues that will not hold up for racing training.

Generally the prices vary. There is a minimal fee for every one of our horses to ensure they are going to a responsible caring home. Some horses are more expensive as they have had more groundwork training for their new jobs. Being aware of the current market for horses our prices are very fair and affordable.

The first step towards purchasing an Adena retiree is to contact us ( sclark@adenastallions.com) so that we may schedule an appointment with you to view and meet our horses.  It is important to us to meet with you and discuss your intentions for our horses, so that we can arrange the best match for your needs. This is a required step, and insures that both the new owner and horse will be suited for each other.  You will have the opportunity to ride the prospective adoptee and we will enjoy meeting you!