Direct Bullet

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The following is an email received from a happy owner of an Adena Springs retiree!

Good morning,

I was on a forum earlier this morning and found the link to your Thoroughbred retirement site. It's a wonderful idea and I wish you much success!

I am contacting you because I thought you might want to know about an Adena bred Thoroughbred that I own. His name is Direct Bullet and he is by Red Bullet. He has been with me for a little over 5 years and has been enjoying his retirement here in NC.

His racing career was cut short due to multiple chips in his left knee. A few months after he arrived here in NC, surgery was done to remove the chips, but unfortunately joint disease was already present. We tried IRAP on him last November and it seems to be doing a great job. After the IRAP,
I made the decision not to ride him any more. I don't want to compromise his longevity in any way. It was a difficult decision to make, but it was in his best interest.

I don't know who at Adena Springs makes the breeding decisions, but they do a great job! Direct Bullet aka Julian aka Moose (lol), has almost perfect conformation. I have had people come up to me saying, "Please, please tell me that boy is a stallion!" He has a very intelligent mind, willing attitude and he's a big love bug! He is everything anyone would look for in a horse and much more.

I honestly believe the problem with his racing career was due to his immaturity. When he came to me as a 3 year old, he couldn't quite figure out how to properly manuver his big body. At times it was almost comical. I have had the pleasure of watching him come into his own and what
a transformation!

My goal for this horse is too keep him comfortable and happy to the end of his days. Keeping him happy, makes me happy.

I attached a pic from about 2 years ago. It's the only one I have of him here at work.

I apologize if my email is scattered and/or confusing. I am very excited about finding your site and had to email you right away!

Again, I wish you much success with your retirement program!


Laura Hubbard