Success Stories

Metronome excelling in his new role as an Eventer! Image

Those of us who have worked with retired race horses know that its not always smooth sailing as far as the retrainig goes! Metro was retired due to his lack of disire to train as a racehorse. He had isssues with moving forward. We tried various different training methods but nothing seemed to really stick. He had a mind of his own, would lead and follow other horses no problem. Thankfully Alix McGonigle came along and enjoys a good challenge!

I am happy to post the... Read More

Awesome Buck In his new home Image

....attached is a picture of my beautiful boy. He is settling in so nicely. He was a big boy today. He transitioned into the big field with five other horses. He was amazing and by 1 hour in he was happily eating hay beside friends. I look forward to my many experiences with him and will keep you posted on our adventures. Do far he has mastered small doorways (we don't have grand doorways like Adena) and steps, ohhhh and no spook walking past a blue tarp. I am thinking of giving him the barn name Finley, Finn for short. . Anyways take care and... Read More

Blitz is doing great, we have enjoyed riding him.

Tornado Trail Image

I adopted a beautiful thoroughbred "Tornado Trail" from Adena in the fall of 2005. He’s doing great! I am currently riding him in dressage and he’s doing very well!! He’s a very smart boy! Everyone loves his cute and playful personality! He’s spoiled to death in every which way and I love him to death. He makes me a proud mommy.

Rocking Bird - Adopted 2006  Image

Rocking Bird, A.K.A. "The Bird" is now enjoying his new life training to be a fine event horse. He has taken very well to his new life and gets a steady supply of scotch mints to keep his breath fresh.