Herz Koenig

Herz Koenig  Image

Hertzy, as I call him, is still the King of his corner. He is now 12 as of Feb. 19. I named my farm after him and the Hand which enabled me to acquire this beautiful acreage, Koenig’s Korner, aka, King’s Korner.

If you visit my website, you’ll see a million pictures of my boy, as I typically photograph him every day. He rules!

As Winston Churchill once said, “There’s something about the outside of a horse that does the inside of man good.” This I know is true. Hertzy and his 2 paddock buddies, Rocky and Layla, huge goats (300+ and 175 lbs.), bring balance and stability to my life, despite the volatile times in which we live. Herz loves his buddies, and he’s a really good mamma too. Whenever it’s raining, he always takes them to the stall, and stays with them so they are protected by him, and not lonely, as they don’t like to be in the rain

I’d love for you to pass this information on to Mrs. Stonach, as I’m sure she’d love to hear that one of her own horses is still in the original adopter’s ownership, and he is still cared for like the high-class king that he was raised to be.

With much love and eternal thanks,
Most Sincerely,
Sandra J. Koster